Elleebana Lash lift kit | Why To Go For It?

Ever got that Lift Lotion problem losing its efficiency? There’s nothing worse than doing your client treatment, and it doesn’t work because the solution is old and oxidized. With Elleebana Lash lift, don’t worry anymore. We’re an Elleebana and Belmacil distribution company based on the East Coast! We aim to give Licensed Estheticians and Cosmetologists the best product and training programs with OFFICIAL ELLEEBANA qualification.

We love Elleebana and trust in its product quality!

Lash raise and tint is a top-rated service in the beauty industry and improves our clients ‘ natural beauty by doing what we as makeup experts know best!

This Elleebana Lash lift the USA has several benefits, with the premium quality. The Elleebana package is one of the most popular brands by Certified Aestheticians and Cosmetologists and is one of the best and most effective lash lift kits. Stay rid of the checked Elleebana Lash lift kit’s unreliable lift lotion & keep the customers happy. Do not worry about getting into an awkward situation where you find old, oxidized lash lotion while treating the customer.

The Ultimate Guide To Elleebana Lash Lift!

With the ultimate and most trusting Elleebana Lash lift USA Today, get more happy customers. Trusted product made by the famous Elleebana brand, this Lash lift kit is available in two versions, both regular and student.

We offer this lash lift lit in 2 sizes:

The regular size of this best selling product includes:


  • 30 Lift Lotions and 30 Setting Lotions Sachets
  • One pair of Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large Orange Rods Lift Stickers
  • Belma Remove 30ml Size Application
  • Brush Stainless Steel Lift Tool

The student kit of this most loved product includes:

  • 15 Lift Lotions and 15 Setting Lotion Sachets
  • One pair each of the Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large Orange Rods
  • Lift Stickers Belma Remove 30ml Size Application
  • Stainless Steel Lift Tool

We took supplies for lash lifting and upgraded them to a new standard. After years of refining our procedures, we formulated a matching kit. For the professional lash lifter, the Evolved Elleebana Lash lifting Kit is available. We’ve streamlined our package to include everything without the bulk that you need.

Elleebana Lash lift kit comes with 15 lift sachets and 15 settings, adhesive, silicone rods, Belma Remove Make-up remover, lash lift tool, and application brush.  All that you need to start your lash lifting journey in one box! The products, we hope, would meet your expectations. We aims to offer simple, easy to order, and excellent customer service. For any concerns about your online order, please feel free to contact us.


Are you conscious that our Elleebana Lash lift Starter Kit will have a benefit of around 2080?  This number is based on 30 apps coming out of the package and costing 75.00. (It is recommended that this service be charged anywhere from 55-95!) Each Elleebana Lash lift service costs around 5.50 5.50 per request.  The kit contains lotions for lifting and setting, regular adhesive, lash lifting tool, combo rod pack (small, medium, large and extra-large), Belma Remove Make-up remover, and an application brush.

We know your customers require the best from you, and that is why we make products that the cosmetologists will love and recommend to the clients as well.


 All about the Elleebana lash lift kit


Lash lifting is just like a push-up bra for your lashes!  This treatment lift separates and distinguishes the lashes instantly. A low maintenance service that lifts and improves customers 6-8 weeks of natural lashes.  The lash is wrapped around a silicone rod, which makes the curl look more normal.

Our Elleebana Lash lift kit has many benefits, with the premium price. The Elleebana kit is one of the most popular items by Licensed Estheticians and Cosmetologists and is one of the best and most successful lash lift kits. Get rid of the useless, inefficient lift lotion & make your customers happy. Should not think about running into an uncomfortable situation where you find rusty, oxidized lash lotion while handling the customer.  With the ultimate and most trustworthy Elleebana Lash lift kit Today, we promise you with satisfied customers.

Trusted product by the famous Elleebana brand, this Lash lift kit is available in two standard and student versions. Elleebana Online Evolved Lash Lift is done with FaceTime or with Skype. Theory, advice, and tricks are included. Further, a private Lash lift video can also be viewed, too. Free marketing material and constant support would also be given to the students. Also, the student will have a Certified Elleebana Directory added.

We want you to feel confident and add Lash Lifting to your options!  From Client Intake to Aftercare, Karin will teach you everything you need to know, and everything in between!  Upon completion of your training, you’ll be added to the Facebook Private Student page, where we’ll keep you up-to-date with new information, tips and tricks, and more!

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