What they’re saying

“Karin is amazing, understanding and down to earth when it came to my nervousness.  I didn’t know what services to add on to my spa and after speaking with Karin I knew it was definitely Lash Lifting.  Her training was phenomenal, clear and on point.  I’m so happy I met you and everyone in this industry should take this Elleebana training course with Karin.  It’s with it!”

“This course has helped me gain a much better understanding of all the products, knowing the ingredients and their functions helps create trust between myself and my clients when I have a full understanding of the products I’m using. I also love that there were so many videos of different brow laminations to show realistic results with different types of brows. Karin has been so patient and helpful with all my concerns. She went above and beyond to even clear up some questions I had about lash lifts. I would recommend everyone to work with Karin! Very knowledgeable and responsive! Thanks Karin!”

“This online lash course has helped me learn so much about how to perform an effective and healthy lash lift treatment. The videos include so much in-depth information about everything from the products, hair types, the industry and the treatment. My trainer Karin was also very kind and responsive. This course has helped me feel confident in lash lifting!  I loved the short and informative videos, client examples and having a great and responsive trainer.  I have only good reviews! I didn’t have a lot of questions but whenever I would need anything my trainer would reassure me that she is always there to help and I appreciate her teaching and clearness.”

“This was literally THE BEST experience working with Karin!  I was nervous getting into lash Lifting and she made this whole process SUPER easy, chill and VERY informative.  She answered every question I had (which was quite a few of course LOL) and if she wasn’t positive she found out the answer promptly.  She has a great attitude and was ready to teach from Day 1.  My first Lash Lift came out awesome thanks to her.  I am SO incredibly blessed to add Lash Lifting to my menu because of Karin.  I HIGHLY recommend her for training!”